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Buy Sermorelin Injections


Buy Sermorelin Injections

Buy Sermorelin Injections


Sermorelin, a synthetic peptide, boosts human growth hormone, enhancing muscle mass, reducing body fat, promoting better sleep, and improving cardiovascular health and bone density. Experience a revitalized, healthier lifestyle and buy Sermorelin today!
Benefits of Sermorelin
  • Stimulate Natural hGH Production
  • Increased lean body mass and body fat reduction
  • Better energy, vitality, and sleep
  • Best for muscle growth
Dosage Information

Flexible dosage options (8mg, 15mg)

Common Sermorelin Side Effects

Common side effects from Sermorelin include:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site

What’s Included

When you buy Sermorelin from Invigor Medical, you can rest assured that you are working with a licensed, experienced, and dedicated doctor and receiving Sermorelin from a U.S.-based registered pharmacy.
Rx Consultation

Discuss your treatment plan with one of our licensed practitioners.


All medications and supplies included, no hidden fees.


Our well-trained medical staff are ready to answer your questions. 

Sermorelin – 8mg – Subscription
/4 Weeks
Sermorelin – 15mg – Subscription
/4 Weeks

Benefits of Sermorelin

Like many aspects of the aging process, decreased growth hormone production is usually asymptomatic at first, with its ill effects not becoming apparent for some time.

Up until recently, the only option to replace growth hormone came in the form of exogenous (from outside the body) human growth hormone (HGH). However, besides being illegal for the purposes of anti-aging, HGH has a whole host of unwanted side effects that most people would rather avoid.

So, what can you do if you are feeling the physiological and psychological effects of aging and want to reverse the hands of time by increasing your growth hormone levels? Patients who purchase sermorelin often experience some of the following benefits:

  • Sermorelin
    Decreased Abdominal Fat
  • Sermorelin
    Increased Muscle Mass
  • Sermorelin
    Increased Bone Density
  • Sermorelin
    Improved Strength
  • Sermorelin
    Better Libido (Sex Drive)
  • Sermorelin
    Improved Energy and Vitality
  • Sermorelin
    Healthier Skin and Hair
  • Sermorelin
    Improved Sleep Quality
buy Sermorelin
buy Sermorelin
Patient Reviews for Sermorelin

I’ve only used it one month. Have seen some results. Trying for one more month. Hopefully more progress.

Mary Jane

It’s real deal.. products come on time an real deal I don’t know what else to say.. there legit.

Blaine White

So far so good

Jessica Gones

The product is great

Tiffany White

Purchasing the product was simple working with Melissa, however the wait time to receive the product took weeks. as for the price, it is very expensive based on other companies out there.

I would consider buying form your company if the two items mentioned were to change in the future. Thank you.

Christopher Terzakos

Starting my 2nd month with noticeable gains, looking forward to my 6th month and beyond. Maintaining a consistent resistance training schedule, along with a healthy diet, the product works as advertised.

Kenneth Porter

Do I Need Sermorelin?


You may be experiencing a combination of the following symptoms
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Reduced Muscle Mass
  • Low Endurance
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Problems
  • Diminished Strength
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you may be eligible for Sermorelin. After you fill out the forms to get started, an Invigor Medical specialist will contact you.

Sermorelin FAQs

The Medication
Is sermorelin a steroid?

No, sermorelin is not an anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is a synthetic version of growth hormone-releasing hormone, which is a peptide that stimulates the release of natural growth hormone.

How long until I notice results?

Sermorelin increases HGH, and the benefits are well documented. However, it can take one to three months before you really start to notice the benefits. Once you do, the benefits are well worth the wait, and they compound over time.

How long should I take sermorelin?

We recommend that you use sermorelin as long as you want to get the benefits. However, after you discontinue the use of sermorelin, your growth hormone levels are expected to remain optimal for some time.

Is sermorelin safe?

Sermorelin was an FDA-approved medication that has been prescribed and used by patients for years without any major side effects. Patients with cancer should not use sermorelin, as it may stimulate cancer cell growth.

Is sermorelin legal to buy?

Yes, Sermorelin is legal to buy with a valid prescription from a licensed medical provider.

How much do sermorelin injections cost?

Sermorelin usually costs between $205 and $500 for a month of medication, depending on the dosage. However, you can purchase sermorelin injections from Invigor Medical for as little as $205.

Is sermorelin discontinued?

Sermorelin acetate was FDA-approved at one point but was discontinued. However, it was not discontinued for safety or efficacy and can still be legally prescribed. Medical professionals may prescribe medications in good faith even if they are not FDA-approved.

What is the best place to inject sermorelin?

The best place to inject sermorelin for most individuals is somewhere in the abdomen area, and it is generally injected via subcutaneous injection, which is injected with a tiny insulin needle.

Invigor Medical
Do I need a prescription before I buy from Invigor Medical?

No, Invigor Medical employs doctors licensed in all 50 states, and a medical consultation is included with each medical service. Each patient will receive a valid prescription, which is sent to the pharmacy to be filled.

How long does it take to get my medication?

Once you have enrolled for medical services with Invigor Medical, it usually takes 7-14 business days before items arrive at your home. This process includes an online medical consultation, prescription approval, the medication getting filled at the pharmacy, and the medication being sent to your home.

Included with the Plan


Free Doctor Consult

The consultation with the doctor is always included when you sign up for Sermorelin.

Medical Support

Our friendly staff are knowledgeable and available to answer any questions.

Supplies Included

When you purchase Sermorelin, all required supplies are always included.

No Doctors Office

Skip the in-person doctor’s visit, consult remotely, and get Sermorelin shipped directly to you.

Licensed Pharmacies

Our U.S. based, FDA-registered pharmacies provide quality meds tested for purity and potency.

No Hidden Fees

Our licensed doctors cover all 50 states and are very well versed with the medications we offer.