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Want to buy Oxytocin online? Here’s what you need to know: Oxytocin is a hormone and signaling molecule that offers numerous brain benefits, influencing mood, sexual behavior, metabolism and eating habits.
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Benefits of Oxytocin
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Supports social bonding
  • Modulates appetite and cravings
Oxytocin Dosage Info
  • 50 IU/mL, 100 IU/mL
  • ODT
What’s Included?
  • Rx Consultation
  • Supplies
  • Support

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What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin, a hormone produced in the brain, is used to treat a variety of conditions. Traditionally, it has been used to aid in labor and delivery, but new applications include supporting personal connections, reducing anxiety, and managing body weight. When you buy Oxytocin online from Invigor Medical your medication will be shipped from a trusted, FDA regulated, US based pharmacy.
Hand Holding Oxytocin Bottle

Best Uses for Oxytocin

Reduces anxiety

Oxytocin modulates a variety of reactions to social stimuli, including anxiety, aggression, and fear. Animal studies indicate that an oxytocin deficiency may also contribute to depressive symptoms. More research is needed, but intranasal oxytocin appears to lower anxiety in socially stressful situations.

Supports social bonding

Oxytocin has a key role in social cognition and behavior. It enhances peer recognition and bonding behaviors. Oxytocin nasal spray can enhance eye contact, emotional recognition, and the sense of trust in relationships. Oxytocin levels increase with sexual or nonsexual touch.

Modulates appetite and cravings

Oxytocin helps regulate food intake and energy expenditure. Oxytocin suppresses appetite by decreasing caloric intake, promoting fat burning for energy, improving insulin sensitivity, and increasing satiety. How oxytocin impacts appetite is unclear. Researchers discovered that intranasal oxytocin treatment reduces consumption of high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods.
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    What’s Included
    • Rx Consultation
      Discuss your treatment plan with one of our licensed practitioners.
    • Supplies
      All medications and supplies included, no hidden fees.
    • Support
      Our well-trained medical staff are ready to answer your questions.
    Oxytocin Bottle with Two Tablets

    How to use Oxytocin

    Dissolve one ODT between cheek and gum as directed.

    Common Side Effects
    • Increased thirst
    • Increased urination
    • Constipation
    • Mild fatigue
    • Headache
    • Lightheadedness
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Nasal discomfort
    Oxytocin Bottle on Desk
    This test detects endotoxins (remnants of bacterial cell walls that can cause serious health problems) in pharmaceutical products. It helps ensure that medications are not contaminated by bacteria. Endotoxin limits are set based on how the medication is administered.
    pH Test
    This test measures the percent hydrogen (pH) or acidity or alkalinity of a product. The pH can affect the medication’s stability, solubility, and potency. To ensure the validity of the endotoxin test, the pH must be kept in a specified range.
    Sterility Test
    This test confirms that all sterile compounded medications are free from microbial contamination, including bacteria and fungi. Sterility testing reduces the risk of infections from taking medications.
    Potency Test
    This test measures the strength or the concentration of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) over time. It can be used in conjunction with stability testing to ensure that the medication will retain its potency until its beyond-use date.
    Invigor’s Commitment to Quality Medication
    Our partner compounding pharmacies work with a registered and certified third-party lab to run quality control checks for every lot of compounded medications prescribed and delivered to our patients. These labs follow guidelines to ensure compounded medication safety and quality.
    Invigor’s Commitment to Quality Medication
    Our partner compounding pharmacies work with a registered and certified third-party lab to run quality control checks for every lot of compounded medications prescribed and delivered to our patients. These labs follow guidelines to ensure compounded medication safety and quality.
    This test detects endotoxins in pharmaceutical products to prevent contamination by bacterial remnants, ensuring medication safety. Limits are set based on administration methods.
    pH Test
    This test assesses a product’s pH, which impacts stability, solubility, and potency. Maintaining pH within a specified range ensures the validity of the endotoxin test.
    Sterility Test
    This test ensures sterile compounded medications are free from microbial contamination, minimizing infection risks.
    Potency Test
    This test assesses the potency of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) over time, ensuring medication retains potency until its expiration date.
    Get started with Oxytocin

    Choose a treatment plan
    Most of our patients know that what they need is just a few clicks away. Clients start by choosing a treatment plan that best suits their needs.
    Fill Out Medical Forms
    After choosing a treatment plan, it only takes a moment to fill out a medical history form so our physicians have all of the info needed to get you going.
    Provider Review
    Your order will be evaluated by a practitioner licensed in the state you reside. If they have any further questions they will contact you via email, messaging, or phone.
    Prescription Fulfilment
    One of our partnered, U.S. based, registered pharmacies will dispense and ship the medication straight to your door.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Oxytocin
    Can oxytocin make you fall in love?

    Oxytocin is released during childbirth, breastfeeding, orgasm, and with more casual social interactions such as hugging, snuggling, or looking at another person.

    Since oxytocin is released when you snuggle with a partner, have sex, or bond socially, it was dubbed “the love drug.” It cannot make you fall in love, but it triggers feelings of love and protection.

    Does oxytocin get you high?

    Oxytocin does not make you “high” in the sense that taking some psychotropic drugs does. When you feel a connection with someone or are attracted to them, your brain releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These brain chemicals make you feel happy, content, and feel a surge of positive emotion — a different kind of “high.”

    What is male oxytocin?

    With ejaculation, there is a burst of oxytocin from the male pituitary gland. Oxytocin stimulates contractions throughout the male reproductive tract, making it easier for sperm to travel and be released.

    Oxytocin is synthesized in the testes, epididymis, and prostate, and there are oxytocin receptors throughout the male reproductive tract.

    Oxytocin also plays a role in modulating testosterone levels by stimulating the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

    Do females have more oxytocin?

    When oxytocin levels in 45 women were compared to oxytocin levels in 45 men, women had significantly more oxytocin.

    It is tempting to cite increased interactions among women as a cause of increased oxytocin levels. However, it is more likely that oxytocin acts differently in women and men.

    Can oxytocin help you lose weight?

    Several research studies have demonstrated oxytocin’s ability to modulate appetite and reduce cravings.

    Oxytocin can cause weight loss by:

    • Reducing appetite
    • Promoting fat breakdown
    • Facilitating energy consumption
    • Stimulating satiety centers in the brain
    • Activating brown fat

    Oxytocin decreases food and calorie consumption by reducing the appeal of foods that are high in fat and calories.

    Does oxytocin make you sleepy?

    Oxytocin doesn’t make you sleepy, but it may reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Oxytocin decreases cortisol release and, therefore, anxiety, especially when exposed to social stressors.

    Does oxytocin have bad effects?

    In addition to prosocial effects such as increasing trust, oxytocin is also involved in jealousy, gloating, and out-group discrimination. There is also evidence that oxytocin produced outside the hypothalamus may increase anxiety. This leads researchers to speculate that depending on the pathway, oxytocin may mediate attention and motivational responses in both positive and negative social contexts. Essentially, depending on the circumstances, oxytocin may increase or decrease social anxiety.

    Oxytocin may also be involved in the pathophysiology of autism, schizophrenia, and depression.

    Can oxytocin be taken orally?

    No, oxytocin is destroyed by enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract and has no effect if taken orally.

    Instead, oxytocin is delivered via a nasal spray or an ODT so it can be absorbed across the mucosa of the nose or mouth.

    Oxytocin delivered by nasal spray is active for at least two hours and 15 minutes, and may be active as long as four hours.

    Do I need a prescription before I buy from Invigor Medical?

    No, Invigor Medical employs doctors licensed in all 50 states, and a medical consultation is included with each medical service. Each patient will receive a valid prescription, which is sent to the pharmacy to be filled.

    How long does it take to get my medication?

    Once you have enrolled for medical services with Invigor Medical, it usually takes 7-14 business days before items arrive at your home. This process includes an online medical consultation, prescription approval, the medication getting filled at the pharmacy, and the medication being sent to your home.

    What is Oxytocin?

    Oxytocin Decreases Cravings and Hunger

    Oxytocin is a potent regulator of caloric intake and metabolism.

    Oxytocin receptors are found in many body tissues, including the brain and spinal cord, muscle, and fat tissue. Previously, most oxytocin studies focused on its effects on uterine tissue; however, in the past decade, researchers have concentrated their efforts on investigating the use of oxytocin nasal spray to regulate appetite and improve dietary self-control. Clinical trials show that oxytocin reduces hunger, increases energy expenditure, and accelerates lipid (fat) breakdown. It also strengthens pathways in the brain to enhance your ability to resist cravings and control what you eat.

    Clinical Trials Demonstrate Oxytocin’s Effectiveness for Weight Loss

    Currently, almost 400 completed, ongoing, or future-funded clinical trials are underway to evaluate oxytocin’s potential to induce weight loss in humans.  In one study, a single dose of oxytocin reduced caloric intake, enhanced fat metabolism, and improved insulin sensitivity in overweight individuals. Another study found that eight weeks of oxytocin treatment resulted in substantial weight loss.

    In addition to its effects on hunger and cravings, oxytocin promotes fat breakdown and energy expenditure, resulting in reduced body fat and weight in a pathway independent of its capacity to suppress appetite. In the same eight-week study, participants who lost weight also had an improved lipid profile and reduced waist circumference.

    Oxytocin suppresses appetite and cravings and increases glucose and fat utilization, promoting weight loss by reducing caloric intake while increasing caloric burn.

    Intranasal oxytocin effectively enters the fluid surrounding the brain and has an effect within 30 to 35 minutes post-treatment.

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