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NAD+ injections are gaining attention for their role in counteracting the natural decline of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) levels in the body, a key cofactor in transferring energy from food to cells for growth and repair. Essential for metabolic processes and cellular health, optimal NAD+ levels support energy metabolism, DNA repair, and aging-related health issues.
Patients can buy NAD+ injections after enrolling as a patient.
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Can I Buy NAD+?

Approved patients can buy NAD+ injections with the included prescription consultation. After consulting with the doctor via an online Telewellness visit and being approved, the pharmacy will send the medication directly to your door.

Do we offer NAD+ as part of a treatment plan?
Improves Energy
Boost energy, enhance mood, and increase productivity
Reduces Cravings
Effectively manage satiety and reduce cravings
Protect Cells
Protect your body, brain cells, and DNA from oxidative stress

How Does NAD+ Work?

NAD+ Provides Cells With Energy

NAD+ is an essential component of the metabolic process in every cell in the body. It is a coenzyme that is mostly involved in anabolic processes, building complex proteins and fats. Besides its use in energy metabolism, it is a cofactor for NAD+ dependent enzymes such as sirtuins (SIRTs) and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARP). Sirtuins and PARPs are both involved in aging and decline over time. PARPs are involved in the DNA repair process.

NAD+ Declines As We Age

As NAD+ is converted to NADPH and back again, some is lost. More is lost with aging, which compromises cellular repair processes. NAD+ levels can be restored through tryptophan or nicotinic acid in the diet. The majority, however, comes from the salvage pathway. NAD+ cannot pass across the cell membrane, but two NAD+ precursors – nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide (NAM) – can. Both of these can be obtained from the diet.

NAD+ Injections Replenish NAD Levels in the Body

CD38 is a protein that is involved in age-related NAD decline. Levels of CD38 increase as we age and burn through a lot of NAD+. Increased levels of CD38 and decreasing levels of NAD+ with aging, along with the need for NAD+ for cellular repair, have led researchers to investigate its usage to slow the aging process.

Benefits of NAD+

NAD+ replacement therapy may help mitochondrial function and homeostasis. It is involved in over 500 chemical processes in the body. NAD+ can have important anti-aging benefits. It may help with:
  • NAD+
    Improved mental clarity
  • NAD+
    Increased alertness
  • NAD+
    Better concentration
  • NAD+
    Enhanced memory function
  • NAD+
    Stronger athletic performance
  • NAD+
    Reduced fatigue
  • NAD+
    Better sleep
  • NAD+
    More effective DNA repair
  • NAD+
    Decreased skin damage
  • NAD+
    Weight loss
  • NAD+
    Better heart function
  • NAD+
    Better immune function

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Drug Details


What is NAD+ used for?

Off-label treatment for:
  • Low energy
  • Mental fog
  • Low concentration
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Body fat
  • Immune function


You should avoid NAD+ if you are/have:

  • There are no known contraindications, except for a known allergy to NAD+
  • The safety of NAD+ in pregnant or breastfeeding women has not been evaluated. It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • If you already have cancer, NAD+ can potentially fuel cancer growth. NAD+ is a molecule used throughout the body, and supplementation may trigger a mix of positive and negative outcomes.
NAD+ Side Effects

What are the side effects of NAD+?

NAD+ appears to be safe and well tolerated. Potential side effects include:
Common NAD+ Side Effects
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Constipation
  • Increased plasma bilirubin
  • Decreased gamma-glutamyl transferase, lactate dehydrogenase, and aspartate aminotransferase
Rare NAD+ Side Effects
  • High doses of nicotinamide can cause liver injury.
  • High doses of niacin as a supplement to increase NAD+ levels can cause headaches, skin flushing, and dizziness. Excessive intake of niacin or nicotinamide may contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease. In addition, nicotinamide may contribute to the development of diabetes.

NAD+ Dosage Information

NAD+ Dosage & Frequency

Typical NAD+ Dosage & Frequency
  • 0.3mL of 1000mg/mL
  • Daily


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