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Cellular Health

Improve your cellular health and unlock the secret to a youthful glow. These advanced solutions will leave you not only feeling younger but looking it too.


Enhance your strength, vitality and stamina with sermorelin, enclomiphene, and vitamin B12. Extend your healthspan with Invigor Medical, where age is no barrier to living life to the fullest.

Hair Loss

Are you looking to enhance your confidence? Finasteride is used for treating male pattern baldness.

Take Your Personalized Health Quiz

Are you unsure where to start?
Our algorithm will help tailor a treatment plan for you. We walk you through various questions that align with common aging and wellness concerns.
By focusing on you as an individual from the very beginning, our medical team can effectively deliver focused and evidence-based treatment.

Florenda B


I highly recommend this business!

I highly recommend this business! They are reliable, honest, and operate with integrity. Their products are consistently outstanding, and they constantly exceed my expectations, every time I purchase from them! So, it should go without saying that their customer service is second to none!

Just N


This process was one of the easiest

This process was one of the easiest. From the time of purchase to completing the medical forms and receiving a phone call, it was less than an hour. They were easy to understand, knowledgeable, and allowed me time to ask questions. I left the phone call feeling confident about what to expect and the timeframe of events.

Joselys P


My experience was great!

My experience was great! They called me and explained everything I needed to know regarding Semaglutide and the whole process. Very comforting experience.

Jeremiah S


Thank you for helping me grow older without getting old

I have been a patient of Invigor Medical for about 2 years, and I have always received prompt responses from everyone, from salespeople to physicians… I just refilled my medication today, and it took about 5 text messages to get it taken care of. Thank you for helping me grow older without getting old.



I love Invigor Medical!

I love Invigor Medical! They have the best customer service ever and wonderful products. Highly recommend this company!!!

Carl S


Super easy to work with

Super easy to work with, I received a helpful call a few minutes after submitting my initial request and thry answered all my questions. So far so good!

Jeff K


Definitely recommend!

Brooklyn has been my point of contact and she has been really great to work with! She is responsive, caring, easy to work with, and friendly! Definitely recommend!

Mario C


Great customer service as well!

Always super knowledgeable about all their peptides and other offerings. Great customer service as well!

Michelle R


I’ve been pleasantly surprised

I’ve never ordered medication this way but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the ease of the process. Brooklyn has been amazing in helping me to navigate ordering and decide which medications I should discuss with the provider.

Mark E


I recommend this company.

I have been working with Invigor Medical for about a year now. Kudos to Aryanna for doing a very good job. She helps me get my order approved, offers options, and my order is correct and shipped out efficiently. I recommend this company.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online telemedicine startup process is simple. Simply click on the link to get started from one of the treatment plan pages, and the system will walk you through the rest.

After signing up online and filling out medical forms, you will chat with one of our doctors. After the doctor helps you determine the best treatment plan for you, medications are shipped directly from the pharmacy. The entire process can take between 7-14 business days. Most patients are approved within the first 24-48 hours after signing up.
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