Author: Leann Poston, M.D.

men's health clinic

Men’s Health Clinics: What Are They and What Do They Treat?

Men’s health clinics provide men with care equivalent to that provided by a gynecologist for women. Men have historically relied on to their primary care provider for help with male-specific health concerns. However, unlike a gynecologist, these specialists are not normally trained to address men’s health issues as specifically as a gynecologist is trained to address women’s sexual health needs. To meet this unmet need, men’s health clinics combine the services of many specialists...

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angry man

What Is Toxic Masculinity and How Does It Affect You?

Toxic masculinity describes the cultural pressure placed on men and boys to behave in a “masculine” way. Not just masculine, instead, a narrow definition of masculinity that punishes anyone who doesn’t meet the standard. A definition of masculinity that requires men to earn their masculinity, even at the expense of women, men, children, and society as a whole. It is used to describe men with the following personality traits: violent, domineering, aggressive, misogynist, and homophobic. The...

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intimacy in a couple

Acts of Intimacy Outside of Sex

Intimacy and sex are frequently used interchangeably, but they are very different. Sex, along with hugging, hand-holding, and other physical touches, can help build intimacy. But intimacy does not have to be physical. Emotional intimacy is also important when making a connection with another human. Intimacy is a closeness between two people. It is a way for any two people to connect whether or not they are in a sexual relationship. Intimacy in a relationship is a sense of being close, connected,...

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marijuana use and ED

Can Marijuana Cause ED?

Marijuana is legal for adult use in 18 states and the District of Columbia. In 36 states, medical marijuana is legally used to treat a variety of medical concerns. However, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 substance at the federal level, which means it has a high potential for dependency and no accepted medical use. This designation makes it difficult for researchers to study whether marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction or have any other sexual effects. However, there is emerging evidence...

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an upset man

Signs of Sex Addiction and How to Treat It

Sex addiction is defined as the compulsive need to engage in sexual behaviors. It leads to relationship problems, mental health issues, risk-taking behaviors, a compulsive need to masturbate, view pornography, and engage in both partnered and unpartnered sex. Sex Addiction: A Challenging Diagnosis The diagnosis of sex addiction is controversial since it has been excluded from the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). However, the International...

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sexual health

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Masturbation refers to a person self-stimulating their own genitals to become sexually aroused. The topic has been widely researched and is still poorly understood. One reason is that it is not well-defined. When 500 plus people were surveyed online, a wide range of definitions for masturbation was proposed. There was not a significant difference between men and women. However, two characteristics were consistent: only a single person is involved, and the goal is orgasm. Masturbation is a...

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alcohol use and ED

Does Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s a long-held belief that alcohol use increases sexual desire while inhibiting sexual performance. Alcohol affects the brain by decreasing inhibitions which may increase sexual desire. Increasing amounts of alcohol depress the activity of the brain. The effect of alcohol on erectile dysfunction seems to parallel what is known about its effects on heart disease. A little may be beneficial, much more than that is harmful. This should not be a surprise because there are many parallels between...

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Boost Testosterone

How to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Commonly referred to as the male sex hormone, testosterone is important to the health of both men and women. Testosterone production begins during puberty and declines at a rate of about 1% per year after age 30. Many of the physical changes associated with aging in men can be at least partially attributed to a decline in testosterone. Testosterone promotes muscle mass and strength, bone density and strength, normal fat distribution, red blood cell production, and sex drive in both men and women.  While...

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erectile dysfunction medication

What Is the Best Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and there are numerous treatment options, including pills, injectables, surgical procedures, and alternative treatments. Each man and his needs will determine the best ED medicine.  The first step in evaluating any medical condition is a thorough history and physical exam. Uncovering the underlying cause of ED sets up the potential for curing it instead of treating the symptoms. Read More: Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Some causes...

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free testosterone

The Link Between Free Testosterone and Your Health

Testosterone, one of the “sex hormones,” has both anabolic and androgenic properties. Testosterone is produced by the testes and adrenal glands in the male and the ovaries and adrenal glands in the female. It travels through the bloodstream and binds to androgen receptors, affecting almost every organ in the body, especially muscle, bone, fat cells, and reproductive organs.  Testosterone can travel through the bloodstream bound to the proteins, albumin, and sex hormone-binding globulin...

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