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Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes: Do They Work?

Apr 18, 2024
Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes: Do They Work?

The impact of obesity on the health of over 41% of American adults has been well documented.1 However, obesity impacts much more than a person’s health. For example, societal pressure drives many people to desire slimmer tummies and thighs by shedding a few more pounds. But it’s not all about looks. A Mayo Clinic poll revealed approximately 83% of participants valued health above all other reasons —including appearance— for losing weight.2 Read on to see if celebrity weight loss regimes really work!

Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes

Although losing weight and keeping it off is not always about a person’s looks, for many celebrities, appearance plays a central role in their weight loss journey. 

Celebrity diets have been around for some time, from Gwenyth Paltrow’s well-known detox and elimination diet to Beyonce’s plant-based diet method.3 But a central question remains: do these diet plans work? Let’s examine the weight loss regimens of three celebrities, Nicola Coughlin, Katie Maloney, and Anya Taylor, to discover how they lost weight while improving their health.

Nicola Coughlin Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss Regimes

Irish actress Nicola Coughlin wanted people to focus on her acting and not on her weight. She asked fans to stop commenting on her body. So, her Instagram followers, including Derry Girl and Bridgerton fans, were surprised when she appeared online a few months later, quite a few pounds slimmer and trimmer. How did she do it?

Nicola Coughlin’s Diet 

Combining a healthy intake of nutritious foods with consistent workouts contributed to Nicola Coughlin’s weight loss. According to a Pinkvilla online news publication,* Nicola explained in a podcast that she didn’t always eat a healthy diet and mentioned her love of bread as an energy source.6  But not all breads are created equal. 

White bread has a high glycemic index, which can lead to weight gain.4 However, despite mixed study results on the effect of white vs. wheat bread, replacing white bread with whole-grain consumption, along with a “Mediterranean-style food plan,” is associated with lower weight and abdominal fat gain.5 

Diets packed with protein and fiber in healthy foods are Nicola’s secret weapons for dropping calories and pounds, says Pinkvilla.6

Salad on a plate

*Pinkvilla covers entertainment and lifestyle stories. Its coverage extends to Bollywood, Hollywood, South Cinema, Korean entertainment, fashion, food, travel, and health. 

The Keto Diet

Nicola Coughlin’s weight loss plan once included the Keto Diet.6

The ketogenic or “keto” diet has become very popular, but it is a strict eating plan that’s often extremely difficult to maintain. 

The Keto Diet changes how your body uses food as fuel, using ketone bodies instead of carbohydrates. The diet aims to promote a state of ketosis in the body, which involves burning fat instead of carbohydrates. The eating plan involves 75 percent of your calories from fat, 15 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbohydrate sources.7  

Curvy woman warming up before a work out

People on the keto diet often eat foods such as bacon, saturated fat from animal-sourced proteins, and snacks high in coconut oil, such as keto fat bombs (i.e., a chocolate treat made of coconut oil or butter, cocoa, and erythritol or other artificial sugar sources). 

Keto Diet Risks

Diet experts explain that although the keto diet may be effective for quick weight loss, it has some health risks, and it’s not usually sustainable long-term. The diet can cause kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and an increased risk of heart disease. Weight gain often returns; in the long term, you may gain back more than you initially lost.7  

Nicola Coughlin Workout Routine

Nicola Coughlin’s weight loss program combines a nutritious diet with a consistent workout routine of strength training and cardio exercises.6 Pinkvilla reports that Coughlin admits working out regularly wasn’t easy, especially hitting the gym early in the morning before work.6

Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes: Do They Work?

Strength and resistance training keeps your metabolism from slowing—which often occurs when dieting— and burns excess calories.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a specific workout regime that includes getting at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of both spread out throughout the week. The AHA says that following its recommendation results in a lower rate of weight gain and obesity-related disease. 9 

Katie Maloney Weight Loss Plan

Katie Maloney, star of the popular reality series Vanderpump Rules, shared with US Magazine how she lost over 20 lbs. by making key changes to her daily diet. Foods included on the Katie Maloney weight loss plan include:10

  • Breakfast – fruit with nut butter to balance carbs (e.g., or nut butter spread topped with fresh fruit)
  • Lunch and dinner foods – high-protein meals (e.g., egg white omelets with avocado and feta cheese and huge protein-packed salads such as those topped with roasted chicken and sunflower seeds) with vegetables, avoiding too many carbs and starch-laden foods.
  • Snacks – healthy snacks eaten throughout the day (e.g., fruits with a few nuts) 
  • Beverages – black coffee or tea
Weight Loss Plan written on a calendar

Maloney clarifies that she doesn’t consider her new eating regimen a diet; she feels diets are not “sustainable” long-term, and she’s simply learned how to eat for her body and metabolism.10  

Katie Mahoney’s weight loss plan has a glaring problem; if you eat too much, you won’t lose weight, no matter how healthy the food is. Studies show portion control is an essential part of a successful weight loss diet plan.11 

A systematic search discovered that of five relevant articles, all study reports revealed a positive effect of portion control on obesity and metabolism.  Overall, results showed that portion control significantly reduced body weight, waist circumference, and BMI (i.e., body mass index, a measurement of a person’s weight and height that estimates body fat percentage).11

Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes: Do They Work?

Anya Taylor-Joy Weight Loss Plan

Anya Taylor-Joy is famous for her role as Gina in the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders. She also played Beth Harmon in a Netflix miniseries called “The Queen’s Gambit.” To play Harmon, Anya displayed a noticeable change in her appearance as she was encouraged to shed some weight; so, how did she do it?

Anya Taylor-Joy diet & exercise 

The Anya Taylor-Joy weight loss plan includes a plant-based diet and lots of physical activity like kickboxing, walking, Pilates, and dancing; she told Women’s Health.12

Anya says she’s been a vegetarian since age eight and started the diet because she considers it the most “ecologically conscious choice you can make as a consumer.” 12

Plant-based Diet Studies

The plant-based diet is focused on eating mostly plant-based proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike the vegan diet, it does not eliminate all animal products (e.g. meat, fish, eggs, and dairy). 

A couple of fruits and vegetables on a table

Clinical trials have concluded that people who eat a plant-based diet commonly have a lower BMI and body weight than those who eat a regular, primarily animal protein-sourced diet.13 Medical studies have also shown that people who eat a plant-based diet gain less weight as they age than meat eaters. 13

Online Weight Loss Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do celebrities actually lose weight?

Celebrities often have access to personal trainers, nutritionists, and tailored diet plans. They may also undergo rapid weight loss for roles or events. However, their methods may not be suitable or sustainable for everyone.

What weight loss program has the highest success rate?

Various programs like WW, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem offer structured meal plans and support networks. The “highest” success rate program varies for each person based on preferences and needs. Long-term commitment is key for successful weight loss.

What weight loss pills do celebrities use?

Some celebrities may use weight loss pills, but specific products aren’t always disclosed. Many supplements lack scientific evidence for efficacy and safety. Consult a healthcare provider before starting any weight loss pill.

What is the number 1 thing that most people can do to lose weight?

Adopting a balanced diet and increasing physical activity is crucial. Focus on small, sustainable changes like healthier eating habits and regular exercise. Approach weight loss as a long-term lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our articles and guides, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider. You should always consult a practicing professional who can diagnose your specific case. The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice.


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