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GAC Injections

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Amino acids are the chemical building blocks that form proteins and they play an absolutely fundamental role in processes throughout the entire body. Certain amino acids are required for tissue growth and repair, immune system function, your metabolism, brain function, and countless other functions that we take for granted everyday. Our modern diets haveRead More

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GAC Injections

Amino acids are the chemical building blocks that form proteins and they play an absolutely fundamental role in processes throughout the entire body. Certain amino acids are required for tissue growth and repair, immune system function, your metabolism, brain function, and countless other functions that we take for granted everyday. Our modern diets have the tendency to ignore or disregard our biological need for certain nutrients, and amino acids are no exception. Protein intake requirements have recently been found to be even higher than previously thought, and many Americans aren’t getting nearly enough amino acids in their diet.

Although there are only 9 amino acids that are considered essential and must be consumed in your diet or you will die, there are 20 total amino acids that have been discovered so far. Providing your body with these amino acids in adequate amounts allows for all the biological processes to be completed efficiently. However, research has shown that by providing certain amino acids at higher levels than is normally required, it is possible to facilitate even greater fat loss, increases in energy, enhanced mental clarity, reductions in inflammation, and more – depending upon which amino acids you are providing at such levels. 

Three compounds that are commonly used in this manner are glutamine, arginine, and carnitine (carnitine is derived from amino acids in the body but is not technically considered to be one). Each of these naturally occurring compounds have been shown to be incredibly effective at their own unique tasks, while retaining an impressive safety profile, even at impressively large quantities. GAC formula injections (Glutamine, Arginine, and Carnitine) are an effective solution to dysfunction brought about by amino acid deficiency or for those who are looking to enhance an already well functioning physiology in a variety of ways.

Surgery Recovery

Helps to prevent infections that may be caused by surgery.

Increase Stamina

Increases blood flow by boosting nitric oxide production.

Helps Heart

May improve symptoms of clogged arteries, chest pain or angina, and coronary artery disease.


Glutamine is a conditionally-essential amino acid – more specifically meaning it is required in greater quantities during periods of disease or muscle wasting. Glutamine is actually the preferred source of fuel for some tissues in the intestines and your immune system, making it an obvious focus for supplementation. Supplementing with glutamine has been shown to increase your immune system activity, facilitate repair of the intestinal lining, reduce muscle loss from various causes, and due to the fact that it is the most abundant amino acid in the body there are countless more benefits to ensuring you have adequate levels available. Glutamine also appears to be beneficial for cardiovascular health, endurance performance, and has been shown to be incredibly effective even at chronic and exceptionally high levels of intake. 


Arginine is another conditionally-essential amino acid that is commonly taken due to its effect on nitric oxide production – this is hardly the most interesting thing about arginine however. Arginine has been shown to improve blood pressure in those with hypertension and is required for the production of creatine within the body. Creatine is an energy substrate that is crucial for cellular energy production across the entire body and low arginine levels can limit creatine production, resulting in dramatically reduced cognitive function as well as general fatigue. Additional adverse effects of arginine deficiency include impaired immune system function, inhibited hair and muscle growth, and impaired neuromuscular function. Arginine supplementation has proven safe for consistent use at levels of 20 grams daily over a lifetime thus, there is little to no concern for toxicity when using supplemental arginine. 


Although carnitine is not technically an amino acid, it is created within the body from two amino acids called lysine and methionine. Carnitine plays a number of roles but is particularly useful in the process of metabolizing fat for energy. Increased fat oxidative capacity results in greater weight loss potential when supplementing with carnitine in adequate quantities. Carnitine has also been shown to generally reduce fatigue and due to a complete lack of side effects, it is an excellent compound to include with arginine and glutamine to boost physiological function. Including carnitine makes GAC injections for weight loss an effective addition to a sound diet and exercise program. 

How to Use GAC Injections

Typical GAC Injection Usage

Make sure that injection site and top of vial have both been thoroughly cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

GAC Injection Dosage

Clients will often take one (1mL) intramuscular injection 2-3 times per week, as needed.

Precautions & Side Effects of GAC Injections

Due to the fact glutamine, arginine, and carnitine are all naturally occurring compounds that are safe even in extremely high quantities, GAC injections should be entirely without side effects. Ensuring the injection site is clean will help prevent infections and our GAC injection protocol consists of 1 mL intramuscular injection 2-3 times weekly. Sourcing GAC injections from a reputable company like Invigor Medical allows you to be assured you are getting quality ingredients, in the quantities that have been proven to be effective. Through telemedicine clinics like Invigor, you are able to choose your product, fill out the required medical forms, and speak to a licensed practitioner all from the comfort of your smartphone. Glutamine, arginine, and carnitine are three incredibly powerful, natural compounds and supplementing with them can have profound effects on your health and wellbeing – especially if you aren’t consuming adequate amounts of dietary protein.

GAC Injection Prices

  • GAC Injection 10ML – 1 Month


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