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Amino Blend Injections

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30 ML Vial – 3 Month

The Amino Blend Injection therapy consists of Glutamine (30mg), Ornithine (50mg), Arginine (100mg), Lysine (50mg) and Citrulline (50mg). Amino Blend is great for individuals who want a boost in their performance, as well asRead More

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Amino Blend Injectables

The Amino Blend Injection therapy consists of Glutamine, Ornithine, Arginine, Lysine, Citrulline and Lidocaine is great for individuals who want a boost in their performance, as well as a boost in metabolic rate and blood flow. The ingredients in the Amino Blend are designed to work synergistically for a powerful effect.

Strength & Power

Studies show improvements in strength and power in male weightlifters.


Increase blood flow

Boosts nitric oxide production in the body which helps arteries relax and work better.

Boost Performance

Reduces fatigue and improve measures of athletic performance such as speed, strength, and power.

How to Use Amino Blend Compound

Typical Amino Blend Usage

Make sure that injection site and top of vial have both been thoroughly cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Amino Blend Dosage

We recommend administering 1-2 shots per week, as needed to increase performance.

Precautions & Side Effects of Amino Blend

Some of the following side effects may occur when taking Amino Bend Injections. If you experience any of these side effects and are concerned please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our practitioners.

  • Cough or Hoarseness
  • Frequent Urge to Have a Bowel Movement
  • Straining While Passing Stool

Ask The Experts

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this medication prescribed?
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Essential amino acids must come from foods, nonessential amino acids are produced in the body, and conditional amino acids are not essential unless it is a time of stress or illness. The amino acids in the Amino Blend Compound include Glutamine, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline, and Carnitine. These amino acids support the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow. L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide, a chemical that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. Citrulline also increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. L-Ornithine is an amino acid that is used in the body’s urea cycle and helps get rid of excess nitrogen. Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production by transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be used for energy. Glutamine is an energy source for the intestines and immune cells. Lysine is an essential amino acid that is used to form carnitine.
What is the success rate for this medication?
The success rate depends on the condition being treated and whether any nutritional deficiencies are present.
Is there anything I should know about what this medication cannot treat?
Tadalafil does not cure ED, affect the libido, prevent pregnancy, or protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus.
Are there any secondary uses for this medication?
Amino acid compounds are used as supplementary nutrition in hospitalized patients who receive nutrition through an IV.
How should this medication be used?
Amino blend is prescribed as an injectable injected into the muscle.
What is the typical dosage range for this medication?
The typical dosage for amino blend is 1ml per injection with 1-2 injections per week.
Are there any special precautions for using this medication
Before using amino blend, tell your doctor if you have a history of kidney or liver disease, digestive disorders, bleeding problems, or allergies. Tell your doctor if you have diabetes or are predisposed to kidney stones.
What should I do if I forget a dose?
If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you notice. If it is near the time for the next dose, skip the dose and resume the normal dosing schedule. Do not double up the dose to catch up.
How should this medication be stored?
Store Amino Blend at 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C) and away from heat, moisture and light. Keep all medicine out of the reach of children. Throw away any unused medicine after the beyond use date. Do not flush unused medications or pour down a sink or drain.
How should this medication or syringes be disposed of?
Ask your health care provider or pharmacist how this medication should be disposed of appropriately.
Are there any special dietary instructions I should follow?
Drink plenty of water to assist the kidneys in excreting wastes.

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