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endocrine system labs

What Is Hormonal Aging?

May 16, 2024
The endocrine and nervous systems work together to control almost all bodily functions. The nervous system acts quickly and precisely, while the endocrine syste...

The Pros And Cons Of TRT Vs. T-Boosters

March 25, 2024
While it’s true testosterone levels decline with age, not all testosterone replacement options are equal. Compare the risks and benefits of TRT and testos...
sexual health

Is Masturbation Healthy?

January 3, 2024

Masturbation is a healthy sexual behavior that can cause guilt, anxiety and relationship issues. Learn more about what research says about masturbation.

Smoking causes ED

Can Nicotine Cause Impotence?

January 2, 2024
Approximately 15% of adult men smoke cigarettes. Smoking is most common in men between the ages of 25 and 64. According to the 2018 Gallup poll, nine percent of...
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Trimix Cost: Are They Expensive?

April 19, 2024
One of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet today regarding the erectile dysfunction medication Trimix is, “How much does Trimix cost?”  It’...
A Couple in Bed Upset Over Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

January 2, 2024
Erectile dysfunction can be a sensitive subject for many men.  Notions of masculinity and virility are often tied to sexual performance, and anything that ...
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