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two women smiling

Low Libido In Women: Causes And Treatments

March 23, 2024
Low libido is the lack of desire to have sex. It is your sex drive. Having periods of low libido is very common, but if it is persistent, a physical, psychologi...

At What Age Does Healing Slow Down?

May 22, 2024
Do you heal slower as you age? Have you noticed that your body is having a hard time healing after cuts and scrapes? Do wounds stick around a lot longer than th...
Older couple standing in water

Why Older Men Often Need A Libido Boost

May 17, 2024
There’s a common occurrence in men of middle or older age that doesn’t get talked about enough and is often associated with shame or embarrassment: decreased se...
A Couple in Bed Upset Over Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

January 2, 2024
Erectile dysfunction can be a sensitive subject for many men.  Notions of masculinity and virility are often tied to sexual performance, and anything that ...
Staying Healthy with Age

How To Stay Healthy With Age

November 28, 2023
These days, people are living longer than ever before.  With advanced medical care, scientific breakthroughs, and the ever-advancing pace of technology, li...
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