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Lifestyle Nutrition Guide
Lifestyle Nutrition Guide
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Lifestyle Nutrition Guide

Your healthier lifestyle starts here. See real results with expert tips and tools.

In This Guide

3-Step Guide

A straightforward three-step nutrition protocol

Healthier Habits

Simple guidelines for incorporating healthier habits into your daily routine

Food Recommendations

Specific food recommendations for each phase of the protocol

Learn Your Body

Learn to use biofeedback instead of an expensive fitness app

Helpful Strategies

Helpful eating strategies that get results
Lifestyle Nutrition Guide

Guide Sections

  • 1 – Welcome
  • 2 – Understand Energy Balance
  • 3 – Habits
  • 4 – Phase 1: Elimination / Observation
  • 5 – Phase 2: Experimentation / Goal-Setting
  • 6 – Phase 3: Survival in Real Life

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