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Unleash Performance & Accelerate Recovery with Kyle Sela, DPT.


In this episode, Derek Berkey and Natalie Garland speak with fellowship-trained sports performance physical therapist Kyle Sela, DPT. Kyle shares his journey and discusses palmer cooling and his own invention sold under Ava Cooling Technology. He explains how the technology can dramatically improve strength conditioning, regulate body temperature, and enhance sleep quality. The episode also covers essential aspects of training, such as warm-up routines, stretching strategies, muscle soreness, and recovery management. Sella offers expert advice on these topics, providing powerful strategies for increasing work volume and breaking through training plateaus.
The Invigor Medical podcast’s mission is to provide personalized medical care through scientifically backed education and wellness solutions. The show is co-hosted by Natalie Garland and Derek Berkey.

[00:50] – Kyle intro and background
[01:30] – Kyle’s path to physical therapy
[04:30] – Palmer cooling – what it is, and how Kyle became involved
[10:05] – The first time hearing about palmer cooling and the effects
[16:18] – Using the cooling on clients
[19:10] – How can the cooling tech help your type of workout?
[23:03] – Volume, cooling, and injuries
[27:03] – Breaking down ‘junk volume’
[31:25] – Physical therapy uses and workout/recovery improvement
[39:40] – Importance of optimizing warm-ups and stretching strategies in training 
[46:15] – Understanding muscle soreness and recovery management in strength and power training
[53:17] – Exploring the physiology of palmer cooling technology and its benefits, including improved sleep quality
[1:01:30] – Misconceptions around cooling
[1:05:23] – Advice, celebration and gratitude for the insights and benefits gained from palmer cooling

Podcast Guests

Kyle Sela


Podcast Hosts

Natalie Garland


Derek Berkey


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