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How to Buy BPC-157 Online Safely
Published: May 18, 2020

Medically reviewed by Leann Poston, M.D. on 9/28/20

There’s been a lot of excitement around BPC-157 in recent years.  It’s a synthetic peptide from a protein that’s naturally found in gastric juices…which doesn’t sound very exciting.  However, this peptide has been shown in animal studies to have some remarkable benefits when taken therapeutically, such as improved wound and soft tissue healing, vascular growth, improved heart health, improved digestive health, and even boosts to neurotransmitters and mental health, among many others.  Naturally, this interest has translated into many people searching online to learn more and ultimately buy BPC-157 so that they can experience these benefits themselves.

As with many medications and supplements, however, the sad truth is there are people out there looking to make a quick buck, with no compunctions about scamming their customers.  Far too many sites and companies who appear to be selling BPC-157 – especially for very low prices – are selling fake, counterfeit, and unsafe products.  Often, it’s just a saline solution, but it could be something much worse – contaminated or low-grade medication that can cause serious negative side effects.

To help you separate the scams from legitimate sources of BPC-157, and give you all the information you need to make an intelligent purchasing decision, we’ve put together this guide.  By the time you’re done reading through our advice below, you’ll know everything you need to know as to how to buy BPC-157 online safely.  While we, of course, encourage you to buy BPC-157 from us at Invigor Medical, we want to make sure that whatever supplier you choose, you’re getting legitimate, high-quality medication manufactured in safe and clean conditions, that won’t do you more harm than good. 

What is BPC-157?

First, let’s start with the basics of what BPC-157 is and how it works before moving onto the details related to buying BPC-157.  BPC-157 is a peptide – a chain of amino acids, effectively a kind of very small protein.  It is derived from a form that exists naturally in your gastric juices, though it doesn’t otherwise exist in nature outside the body.  Synthetic production in a lab setting is used to create BPC-157 for use as a supplement or medication. 

bpc-157 fast recovery from medical injuries

In the body, it’s generally thought to be responsible for maintaining the stomach and gut lining, stimulating tissue repair in the harsh environment of the digestive system.  These same properties define a lot of how it works and the benefits it can provide.  In many cases, the exact mechanism of action is not well-understood (which is surprisingly common among modern science).  However, peer-reviewed studies done on animals have borne out that BPC-157 promotes wound and tissue healing, gut health, neurotransmitter production and transport, heart health, and more.  The mechanisms in each case may be slightly different, but the effects are real and fairly consistent across nearly 3 decades of animal research.

Those benefits, combined with the fact that a form of BPC-157 is found in the body already, has led many people to see it as both a valuable therapeutic, as well as a body and performance enhancer, without the nasty side effects that you find with many modern medications.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people are looking to buy BPC-157, online or otherwise.  However, it’s not as simple as dialing up your favorite website and adding it to your cart.

Do You Need a Prescription for BPC-157?

BPC-157 exists in a bit of a grey area between medication and supplements.  Most peptides fall into this category, but BPC-157 especially so as it is labeled as a research medication and has not completed human clinical trials. It is not available over-the-counter, nor is it a regulated drug or medication precisely.  Because of this particular kind of status, you might think a prescription is not required, but that would be incorrect.  BPC-157 is legal for use in the US (though may have different rules in other jurisdictions), but is only available via prescription. 

In part, this is not surprising – as we’ll touch on in the next section, one of the most popular administration formats, when you buy BPC-157, is an intramuscular injection.  Injected products tend to require prescriptions, if for no other reason than to ensure that patients understand the correct procedures for administering it.  This requirement, however, can make it harder to buy BPC-157, especially because many traditional GPs or specialists aren’t necessarily familiar with it or the benefits it can offer.  Likewise, most people don’t want to book a doctor’s visit and the associated expense, time, and hassle it involves just to be able to get a prescription for this supplement. 

bpc-157 prescription online

Thanks to telemedicine, however, that particular problem is fairly easy to overcome.  Telemedicine providers help ensure you get the right medication and that it is safe for your use (doesn’t conflict with your other medications or medical conditions), without all the downsides of a traditional doctor’s visit.  They can then provide you with the prescription following your short, remote teleconference appointment, and have it filled through the associated pharmacy.  So, while a prescription is still required, it’s much easier to get one if the provider feels it is a good choice for you, buy BPC-157, and start putting it to use.

Typical Purchase Dosage and Format

There are many different BPC-157 formats that may be available.  It has been tested as an oral tablet, sublingual patch, dermal patch, rectal suppository or enema, and various forms of injection, along with being used as a drink mix additive for water.  The most common formats are oral pills and intramuscular injection.  Oral pills can simplify dosing but are not necessarily as effective at getting a full dose into the body, due to the variability in absorption of the medication through the digestive process.  For that reason, most sellers generally offer intramuscular injections as the administration format of choice when you buy BPC-157.

Likewise, depending on the exact administration format, the dosages may be a bit different.  Most studies based on animal research studies show the range of dosing appropriate for humans to be between 1 microgram and 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight, with oral pills being on the higher end of that range, and more direct dosing formats, such as injections, being on the lower end.  This translates into a typical injection dosage of between 200 and 300 micrograms per day for the average adult.  Expect a dosage of somewhere in that range to be what your prescriber recommends when you buy BPC-157.

How to Buy BPC-157 Online Safely

To buy BPC-157 online safely, you need to consider the following aspects regarding your chosen source.  Taken together, along with your gut impression of the site or provider, you should have a good sense of whether or not your chosen source is a good place to buy BPC-157 online or something you should avoid.  Also, always remember the adage – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!  Many scams or counterfeit products often have extremely appealing prices, much lower than those on legitimate, reputable sites, and for a good reason – they’re selling you junk.  Don’t let price be your only decision criteria – consider the following:

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Telemedicine Consultation

Because a prescription is required in order to buy BPC-157, you should not buy it from any provider that does not offer a telemedicine consultation (unless you are utilizing a pharmacy to fill an order you already had prescribed at your doctor’s office).  Sites that don’t offer a telemedicine consultation or require a prescription are typically scams, don’t provide actual medication, or are based in off-shore jurisdictions with dubious health and safety standards.  In effect, if they did provide you actual medicine without a telemedicine consultation or a resulting prescription, they’d be operating illegally.  You don’t want any part of that.  The consultation also helps keep you safe by allowing a trained medical professional to review your medical history, current and past medications, supplements, and conditions, to ensure that when you buy BPC-157, it’s not going to negatively interact with anything you are on or make any condition you currently have worse.

US-Based Providers and Pharmacy

To ensure that you get medication that is of the highest quality and purity, and manufactured hygienically according to good manufacturing processes propagated by the FDA, you should always buy BPC-157 from a US-based provider and US-based pharmacy.  It makes it much easier to know you are dealing with a legitimate business and to find any complaints, violations, or other problems with their operation through the Better Business Bureau and relevant health authorities.  Off-shore jurisdictions are often very loose with regulations and can leave you with little to no support or recourse if you have an issue with your medication order (and, as we mentioned above, may leave you with contaminated or counterfeit medication).

buy bpc-157 online

Licensed and Reputable Pharmacy

In addition to being US-based, the pharmacy that fulfills the order when you buy BPC-157 online should be fully licensed and reputable.  That includes being compliant with relevant state and federal requirements for operation.  In most cases, you can easily check the pharmacy’s license status at the state health department’s website for the state in which it operates.  For example, the pharmacy used by Invigor Medical, Olympia Compounding Pharmacy, can be verified through the Florida Department of Health website (Lic. #PH27414).

Secure Online Transactions

Online transactions at your chosen telemedicine provider and pharmacy to buy BPC-157 should be secure and safe.  You don’t want to get your personal, medical, or financial information stolen by hackers, after all.  Two easy ways to check this include making sure the address uses the secure HTTP protocol (it will have an https:// in front of the full address, rather than just an http://), and ensuring encryption is used for purchases.  As with most online sites, this is typically SSL encryption and will show up as a secured lock symbol in most browsers when you are filling out secure forms of transmitting payment information.  If that bare minimum isn’t present, then you are likely dealing with a rogue or illegitimate pharmacy and should look elsewhere to buy BPC-157 online.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

As is ever the case, customer feedback and reviews can often be the best way for you to evaluate a service provider’s quality and legitimacy.  That holds true for online pharmacies and telemedicine providers, just as it does for many other services in life.  By reviewing online feedback, reviews, and doing a quick web search, you can get a sense of other people’s experiences with the provider.  Any site you might be considering, if it is a scam or illegitimate, will often produce results of people complaining to that effect very easily and quickly in your favorite search engine.  If that is the case, then it may be a red flag.  Bear in mind that there will always be some negative feedback, even for the best service.  But the overall tone, tenor, and frequency of feedback, reviews, scores, and so on can reveal a lot before you ever engage with a service provider to buy BPC-157 online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an injection of BPC-157 better than an oral tablet?

There is some evidence that an injection of BPC-157 can be more effective in getting the medication into your system than an oral tablet.  This is because many peptides and other medications don’t absorb fully during digestion.  There is also a lot of variability from person to person in terms of how well drugs can absorb, which are a function of gut health, the right microbiome, etc.  Additionally, there is some evidence that injection in a muscle near a wound or injury can have a more positive healing impact on that wound or injury than systemic oral tablets.

Is BPC-157 safe?

BPC-157 is generally considered safe for use.   However, human studies have been somewhat limited, and while generally well-tolerated, some anecdotal evidence of side effects exists.  It is unknown what the long-term use implications may be as they have not been studied fully.  Like any supplement, however, if you experience negative side effects, talk to your prescriber, and the dose may be adjusted, or you may be advised to discontinue use.

Does BPC-157 really work?

BPC-157 has been shown to be effective in numerous different ways, in animal studies conducted worldwide since the early 1990s.  The most well-established mechanisms of action relate to wound and injury healing, soft tissue repair, and gut health, but many other benefits and proposed mechanisms of action support its effects on many other systems throughout the body.  Of course, no medication or supplement is a cure-all, and the effects and results will vary by individual.  Most people who have taken BPC-157, however, report a number of improvements in building muscle, healing wounds and injuries, and much more.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped you to get a better sense of how to buy BPC-157 online safely if you choose to purchase it.  We strongly encourage you to consider a telemedicine consultation and buy your BPC-157 from Invigor Medical, a US-based provider utilizing a US-based pharmacy.  Our products are 100% pure, high-quality, and manufactured in a licensed facility that meets FDA good manufacturing process standards.  All our service providers are licensed medical professionals ready to help you buy BPC-157 in an affordable, safe, and professional manner.


While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our articles and guides, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.  You should always consult a practicing professional who can diagnose your specific case.  The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. 

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