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Amino Acid Injection Price Guide
Published: Sep 22, 2020

Amino acids are a natural and essential compound that can help boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, balance your hormones, and provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Amino acid injections can be used to treat a variety of conditions, mainly an amino acid deficiency, which is when the body isn’t producing the necessary essential acids to function properly. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different factors that may affect an amino acid injection price, and we will provide suggestions and guidance to help you choose the right amino blend for you.

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It’s essential to always consult with a licensed healthcare provider before beginning supplements of any kind. The information contained in this guide is for educational and informational purposes only so that you can make an informed decision about amino acid injections and determine if this treatment is the right option for you. The prices reflected in this guide have been gathered from multiple sources and providers online and are purely for example. They may not reflect the current amino acid injection price from your provider or the current price at Invigor Medical.

Wait, What Are Amino Acids?

You might be wondering if amino acid injections are the right solution for you in the first place before you learn more about pricing and dosage. Amino acids are typically referred to as the protein building blocks, and they actively promote protein synthesis in muscle cells, lean muscle development, and prevent protein breakdown. Each amino acid plays a unique but essential role in bodily function. Studies have shown that amino acid injections can help athletes recover and can help build muscle and target fat in the body, making it a great option for weight loss. There are technically three types of amino acids, essential, non-essential, and conditionally essential, but depending on you, your age, and your health, you may need supplementation of amino acids that fall under any three of these categories.

Essential amino acids are acids that our bodies need to thrive, but they are not produced in the body, so they must be obtained through diet or amino acid supplementation in certain cases. Amino acid rich foods include meat, eggs, tofu, and dairy. Non-essential amino acids are naturally produced in our bodies, which is why they are considered “non-essential.” The conditionally non-essential amino acids are amino acids that are considered essential under special circumstances for certain people who are under stress or have an illness and require supplementation in those instances. Generally, those who are in good health do not need amino acid supplements.

To learn more about amino acids, what kinds of acids there are, and what they can be used to treat, you can find a detailed overview on the main Amino Acid page. Before deciding to purchase an amino acid solution, please review all of the relevant information and consult with your doctor to determine if this is the right solution for you.

Amino Acid Supplements: Oral or Injected?

When you decide to start your journey with amino acid supplementations, there are several factors to consider, starting with oral supplements or injections. Oral amino acid supplements do offer similar benefits to injections, including a shortened recovery time. Oral supplement ingredients typically contain glutamine, valine, and leucine, and lysine. Amino acid bottles can come with anywhere from 30 to 150 tablets included in the bottle, and range in price depending on the source, dosage, and tablet amount. One bottle of amino acid supplements starts at around $40. However, sale prices and other medication providers offer 190 caplets for as low as $10. While oral supplements offer their own benefits, injections are able to bypass the stomach and oftentimes have a greater effect and can be more quickly absorbed than an ingested amino acid blend.  And no matter what method of amino acid supplementation you choose, it is essential to consider the quality of the product, as well as the price.

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Amino acid injection prices may be higher than an oral tablet, but this is because they can have quick, effective results. It may be tempting to buy a bottle of 60 oral supplements for $12, but oral tablets are typically less effective and may not contain important amino acids, such as glutamine. Never settle for low-quality or unreliable ingredients, because you are putting the medication into your body, you should always review the ingredients and purchase from a trusted source so that you know that the ingredients are not contaminated. Medical lab tests can reveal your amino acid levels and which amino acids are deficient and may require extra supplementation. To determine the right amino acid mixture and method for you, you should discuss it with a trusted healthcare professional.

Factors That May Affect Amino Acid Injection Price


Countless sources supply amino acid injections, but they all vary in quantity and ingredients. It is essential to consider a trusted and FDA certified provider so that you know you are getting pure, safe, and legitimate medication. You also should consider which amino acids you personally need to find the right amino acid mixture that best suits your needs, as every supplement will contain different essential and non-essential amino acids. Some may even contain other ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals.

While low amino acid injection prices may be tempting, it is important to purchase from a US-based, trusted pharmacy that is an expert in medication that is high quality and cGMP-compliant. These guidelines will ensure that you know how to purchase regulated, legitimate medication and the medicine you receive is not contaminated.


Amino acid injections and oral supplements come in extremely varied strengths and formulations. When considering which ingredients to search for, you may want to consider why you are using amino acids. Several health benefits are linked to amino acid supplementation, including improving mood, boosting exercise performance and endurance, preventing muscle loss and promoting weight loss, and jumpstarting your metabolism. However, because each amino acid has a unique and special function in your body, each blend offers slightly different benefits. The amino acid injection price may vary depending on the mixture of ingredients that it contains.

Fat loss is the most common reason for utilizing amino acid supplements. You will want to prioritize amino acids that aid in muscle development, boost your metabolism, and increase your energy levels so that you can move and exercise for longer. For example, glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that is produced in the muscles and plays an important role in intestinal health. Carnitine, another conditionally essential acid, can also be used as a weight-loss supplement and almost acts as a furnace for fatty acids to be burned into energy, which may aid in weight loss. While you can supplement high dosages of single amino acids, you may want to consider a mixture or blend of several that will work together to deliver effective results.


As with most medications, the dosage will depend on your age, health, weight, and several other factors. The total daily or weekly dose will depend on your daily protein requirements and your amino acid levels, as well as your metabolic response. Dosages range from 1 gram of amino acids per day up to 120 grams of amino acids per day. Injectable amino acids also come in units ranging from 30 mL up to 500 mL, which will greatly affect the price depending on your recommended dosage and on the quality of ingredients and source.

In many cases, amino acid injections are used frequently until the amino acid levels or calories are at sufficient levels, or adequate weight loss or recovery results have been achieved. This being said, the dosage will be at higher levels and will require more purchases, meaning it may be a higher price short-term.

Frequency of Use

Amino acid injections are used at higher dosages and at a higher frequency at the beginning of treatments until a user and their trusted healthcare provider determine that they are no longer needed or are needed less frequently. Because of this, amino acid injection prices may be more expensive in the first few weeks or months of use.

If you are utilizing amino acid injections for aid in fat loss, you may want to consider taking the injections before or after exercise. The exact dosage and frequency at which you take the medicine should be determined by a certified healthcare professional.


Although it varies by the insurance provider, most insurances do not cover amino acid injections and will not reimburse for it. The amino acid injection price ranges mentioned here do not generally differ significantly based on what insurance provider you have.

You can obtain a prescription for amino acid injections, which is required for purchase, through a traditional doctor and local pharmacy or through a telemedicine provider. Your insurance provider may cover these visits, but you will likely have to pay out of pocket for the amino acid supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are amino acid injections effective?

While everyone is unique and reacts differently to medication, amino acid injections are absolutely effective in treating a variety of conditions or illnesses and can be the extra push you needed in your weight loss journey. Amino acids contain essential compounds, some of which help detoxify the body, some of which boost metabolism, and some of which increase energy levels. If you combine amino acid injections with a healthy diet and exercise routine, amino acid injections are a proven effective method to help you achieve greater fat loss results and have been linked to lean muscle development and even improved moods.

Are there any side effects of amino acid injections?

Every patient will experience side effects differently, and they typically tend to be nonexistent or mild. You may experience side effects including an upset stomach, weight gain, irregular heartbeat, itching, hives, swelling, and irritation of the injection site. If any of these side effects worsen or persist, consult with a healthcare professional immediately.

How do I know what the right amino blend is for weight loss?

It is important to ensure that your body is receiving adequate levels of both essential and non-essential amino acids. There are around 20 amino acids that human bodies require to function properly, and each plays a unique and special role. Arginine, carnitine, glutamine, and lysine are examples of amino acids that are proven to help in weight loss, because they can increase your energy levels and endurance to help you exercise for harder and longer, can jumpstart your metabolism, and can leave you feeling leaner and healthier. You should discuss your specific needs with a doctor and determine with amino acids to search for in an amino acid mixture.

A Trusted Source for Amino Acid Injections

You may be wondering how to find the best amino acid injection price for the best quality ingredients. If you’re ready to start leading a healthier, more energetic lifestyle with amino blend injections, then the best place to start your journey is at a trusted, reputable pharmacy.

With state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality chemicals, expert staff, Invigor Medical is the right source to purchase your Amino Blend solution from. The website is user-friendly, and ordering your medication is easy, fast, and affordable. All of the medication is produced in an FDA-compliant facility in the United States.

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Invigor Medical offers a high-quality intramuscular injection Amino Blend that contains both essential and conditionally essential amino acids, including glutamine, arginine, lysine, citrulline, and carnitine. This combination is a great option for weight loss, as it helps to boost metabolism and energy levels, and increase your endurance, so you can exercise for longer and burn more calories and fat.

When you purchase from Invigor Medical, you can be confident that you will receive pharmaceutical-grade and certified medication. Don’t wait to start leading a more active lifestyle and start feeling your best, and schedule a conversation with your healthcare provider to confirm this is the right solution for you. In order to obtain a prescription or purchase the state-of-the-art Amino Blend, visit Invigor Medical website at

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