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Who should use Trimix injections?
Published: Dec 7, 2020

Trimix is a combination of three different medications that a man can inject into his penis to treat erectile dysfunction. Most urologists consider Trimix injections second-line therapy after oral ED treatments. However, men can buy Trimix injections online with a prescription after a medical consultation with their physicians. Not all physicians are familiar with the wide range of treatments available for ED. Invigor Medical is a telehealth clinic that specializes in men’s health issues, including erectile dysfunction.

Penile erection requires three physiologic changes simultaneously; cavernous smooth muscle relaxation, increased blood flow into the penis, and venous outflow restriction from the penis. The result is that spaces in the shaft of the penis fill with blood, causing an erection. While erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the U.S., only about 6 million men seek medical attention (Lewis, 2001).

In addition, some men seek therapy and then discontinue it. Potential reasons are lack of efficacy, side effects, psychogenic factors, and partner issues. Leaving these questions: What distinguishes men who seek therapy from those who do not? What causes men to discontinue treatment with oral ED medications? Who ultimately switches to Trimix for therapy? Why and how do they buy Trimix injections online?

Characteristics of men who seek treatment for ED

Treatment of ED can improve a man’s quality of satisfaction in his partnership relationship and life. However, men frequently avoid seeking treatment. Approximately 20 percent of men in all age groups and 40 percent of older adults have symptoms of ED (Rosen et al., 2004). ED can affect partnership relationships leading to communication problems, false allegations, and a decrease in feelings of tenderness and closeness.

Studies show that men who do not seek treatment for ED do so because they have feelings of shame and a concern that their physician may not take their ED concerns seriously. In one study, approximately 57.8 percent of men reported that they were self-motivated to seek treatment and around 40 percent said that their partners influenced them. In a study by Gerstner et al. (2013), the following intrinsic and extrinsic factors influenced men to seek treatment.

  • Information in the media
  • A female partner
  • Desire to determine the cause of ED
  • Felt that their self-esteem was threatened
  • Knew that ED was not a problem they could solve alone
  • Hope for improvement with treatment
  • Feeling a sense of responsibility and a desire for successful sexuality

Women are notably the arrangers of most medical care in families. Information on ED directed towards women and access to treatment options such as Trimix injections, which men can buy online after telemedicine appointments, may facilitate the process for receiving care and ensure more men receive the medical care they need.

Why do men discontinue therapy for ED?

Most men start with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil and tadalafil, to treat erectile dysfunction. Response rates to these medications are high, but 20-40 percent of men report that the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors did not work well for them. In one study, 10-27 percent of men said they needed to increase their dose of sildenafil to maintain effectiveness over time, and 12 percent said the medications stopped being effective. Other studies showed the rate of discontinuing medications to treat ED to be closer to 2.1 percent (Padma-Nathan, 2000). Only 1-3 percent of men reported that they discontinued medications because of side-effects. Lack of efficacy seems to be a much bigger factor than side-effects as a reason for choosing to discontinue treatment. Men with diabetes or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), who are smokers, or have lower testosterone levels associated with aging are more likely to find that oral medications are not as effective (Steers, 2002).

Trimix injections are available to buy online with a prescription.

Why use Trimix?

Trimix is an erectile dysfunction medication made by special compounding pharmacies. Injectable medications have been used since 1983 to treat ED and are considered the most effective non-surgical solution for ED, according to the American Urologic Association (American Urological Association, 2018). Injectable medications, such as Trimix, require a prescription. However, you can buy Trimix injections online. Just make sure you are using a U.S. based licensed compounding pharmacy.

Trimix is a medication prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction when oral medications do not work well, or there is a medical contraindication to using oral medications. A combination of three medications in the ratio found in Trimix minimizes side-effects and maximizes efficacy by taking advantage of their synergistic actions. These three medications are:

  • Papaverine: dilates blood vessels
  • Phentolamine: relaxes and dilates blood vessels
  • PgE1: dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow (Seyam et al., 2005).

An injection of Trimix generally takes about 5 to 20 minutes to work, and the erections last one to two hours. However, sometimes it lasts longer. When an injection’s effects last too long, a condition called priapism, damage to blood vessels in the penis may occur. The incidence of priapism with Trimax ranges from 0% to 3.7% of users (Seyam et al., 2005). When prescribing Trimix injections, your physician will discuss the risk for priapism and provide potential treatment options.

Who uses Trimix?

Users of Trimix are typically men who have tried oral ED medications without success or men who have found that they prefer injectables to treat ED because of the side-effects they have experienced with oral medications. There are some contraindications to using Trimix, such as men who have a condition that predisposes to priapism, have an anatomical deformity of the penis, or are taking any medications that interfere with blood clotting (McVary, 2010).

How do they Get Trimix injections online?

Trimix is a prescription medication, so the first step for men seeking treatment is to make an appointment with a physician. This appointment can be with a local physician or online using telemedicine. Invigor Medical is a telehealth clinic that specializes in men’s health. Board-certified, licensed healthcare providers associated with Invigor Medical are very familiar with prescribing Trimix, its contraindications, how to treat priapism if it should occur, how to adjust Trimix dosing, and provide solutions to frequently asked questions and problems men and their partners may have regarding ED treatment.

If your Invigor Medical healthcare provider determines that Trimix is a suitable solution for you, then they will provide information on how to buy Trimix injections online. They recommend buying Trimix injectables from a national online compounding pharmacy that specializes in formulating Trimix.


While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our articles and guides, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.  You should always consult a practicing professional who can diagnose your specific case.  The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. 


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