How it Works

Invigor Medical offers sexual performance and erectile dysfunction medications to our clients through a HIPAA secure telemedicine platform. Our system makes it quick and easy for our clients to consult with a physician and receive ED meds, and items are shipped by a partnered pharmacy in discreet packaging.

1. Medical History and Symptoms

Fill out and submit our medical intake form that includes your medical history and current symptoms.

2. Take a Photo and Show ID

Send a photo that includes your face and photo ID and submit it to us for personal verification.

3. Visit with a Licensed Physician

Visit with one of our licensed US practitioners through video, phone or chat. The practitioner will review your medical history and talk about your current symptoms. Then they will provide a prescription or lab work as needed.

4. Medications are Delivered Quickly

We will digitally submit your prescription to the pharmacy where they will fill the prescription and mail it out soon thereafter. 

5. Chat Support with Medical Staff

After your visit with the practitioner you are free to chat with our medical staff regarding any issues you have with the medication prescribed.

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