1. Enrollment Disclaimer: Invigor Medical has not established a patient/practitioner relationship during enrollment and is unaware of your diagnosis. Approval for treatment is not guaranteed by providing information. Consultation with an Invigor Medical doctor is required for treatment, with final approval based on the doctor’s assessment of your medical needs and treatment suitability.
  2. Accuracy of Information: Invigor Medical is not liable for adverse outcomes from inaccurate or false health information provided by you. Accurate and complete information is crucial for appropriate care.
  3. Payment: Your billing information during enrollment creates a billing profile but does not imply Invigor Medical’s agreement to treat. Charges apply only after a consultation and treatment approval by a licensed Invigor Medical physician, who must be licensed in your state.
  4. Medical Emergencies: In emergencies, contact 911 or your physician. Invigor Medical does not handle emergencies and is not liable for emergency care.
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