Is Sermorelin Worth It?

April 4, 2024
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Peptide research and application is becoming one of the most exciting and promising avenues to travel for advancements in anti-aging. One of the most commonly recommended signaling molecules for this purpose is called sermorelin acetate. Usually called just sermorelin, this peptide is a growth hormone secretagogue, a.k.a. growth hormone-releasing hormone – it’s functional alias. What it does in the human body can be summed up with that name; it stimulates the release of growth hormones. You can buy sermorelin injections online but is sermorelin worth it?

Sermorelin’s effects are far more profound than this description implies. Sermorelin has the potential to positively impact systems throughout the body that experience natural degradation as a result of the aging process. It has clear benefits over conventional growth hormone therapies that have been used in the past. If you are thinking about starting sermorelin, look no further for a comprehensive review of this exciting peptide and its potential ability to improve your quality of life as well as boosting healthspan (how long you are healthy). If you want to buy sermorelin injections online, we will also discuss that as well. As we all know, it’s not just about living longer; it’s about living better!

Benefits, Safety, and Impact on the Body

So what is sermorelin exactly? Is sermorelin worth it? Is it safe to buy sermorelin injections online? And how does it have the ability to have a positive impact on systems throughout the body? Well, as we said, sermorelin is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) secretagogue. This means that it stimulates the natural release of growth hormone (GH) from a specialized bundle of cells in your brain called the pituitary gland (Walker, 2006).

The pituitary gland is commonly called the master gland. It releases hormones that have many jobs all over the body, but as we age, its ability to produce and distribute these chemical messengers declines. After puberty, growth hormone levels decrease exponentially. Some studies report a 14% decline per decade and others up to 50% every seven years for adult men (Iranmanesh et al., 1991; Giustina & Veldhuis, 1998). Combine this with a decreased capacity to produce GHRH (in another part of your brain called the hypothalamus) and decreased responsiveness by the pituitary to GHRH, and you have a recipe for a growth hormone deficiency (Russell-Aulet et al., 1999).

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Sermorelin Injections

Sermorelin is arguably one of the most powerful Anti-Aging medications, which offers a long list of benefits: More energy, increased libido, muscle building, recovery, strength, weight loss, and much more.

Learn About Sermorelin Injections

Although this is a common and expected byproduct of the aging process, it doesn’t have to be this way. We now have the ability to supplement the supply of GHRH. By supplying the key that opens the floodgates for your own natural growth hormone to flow from, we are able to mitigate or reverse the negative effects of growth hormone deficiency such as difficulty or inability to decrease body fat/increase lean mass, lack of appetite, sleep dysfunction, and more (Garcia et al., 2019). Even better, because sermorelin simply releases our own supply of growth hormone, we are able to avoid the negative effects of conventional growth hormone therapy (more on these later).

So now that you know the mechanism of action of sermorelin (how it works on a physiological/cellular level) let’s dig into some of the benefits of utilizing this amazing peptide. Keep in mind that the list is long and likely to keep growing as more research and clinical application occur. For now, we will stick to the most common reason people utilize sermorelin while just touching on some of the systemic effects that, although amazing, aren’t typically the focus of treatment. 

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Is Sermorelin Worth It For Anti-aging?

Not that anyone needs a reminder, but the natural aging process degrades nearly every function in the body, especially those not needed for immediate survival. One particularly important function that is profoundly impacted by age is the ability to produce and release growth hormones naturally. Research has shown that natural growth hormone release drops dramatically after around the age of 30. Starting at, on average, 150 µg/kg released per day during puberty, then decreasing to approximately 25 µg/kg/day by age 55 (µg means nanograms, a very small amount but growth hormone is incredibly powerful) (Merriam & Hersch, 2008).

This enormous reduction means a decreased ability to build muscle mass, reduced capacity to oxidize (burn) stored body fat for fuel, decreased bone mineral density and wound-healing ability, reduced appetite and sleep, and generally lowered feelings of vitality. This is why sermorelin and other peptides like it are such impactful therapies. Aging just takes a lot out of you (no pun intended)!

Administering sermorelin at night mirrors the rhythm in which natural growth hormone release would occur and has been shown to reduce visceral (abdominal) fat, improve sleep and appetite, increase muscle mass, fluid memory, elastin, and collagen production resulting in younger-looking skin, and more (Merriam et al., 2001). All of these effects are why sermorelin and other GHRH mimics can truly be considered anti-aging therapies.

Summed up, a reduction in natural growth hormone release is a result of aging, and is likely one of many causes of aging as well. By increasing growth hormone release via sermorelin, we are able to fight the aging process on an even playing field, which makes it a great tool for anti-aging. So is sermorelin worth it? It is for a lot of people who want to slow the aging of their bodies.

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So Why Not Just Use HGH?

Well, for starters, human growth hormone (HGH) is illegal for use as an anti-aging therapy (Walker, 2006). If this restriction were removed, there would still be substantial reasons for utilizing sermorelin or another GHRH in lieu of HGH. When you take exogenous HGH, the levels circulating throughout the body are relatively consistent throughout the day. This results in growth hormone receptors becoming resistant or burning out, much like the insulin receptors in those with Type II diabetes. Growth hormone is usually released by the pituitary gland in a pulsatile fashion, with the highest amount being released about an hour before you typically go to bed. This is why sermorelin is injected at this time. (Walker, 2006).

This abnormal introduction of external HGH puts the user at risk of immune dysfunction, acromegaly (enlargement of the face, hands, and feet), cardiomegaly (enlargement of the heart), as well as excessive organ growth, malignant transformation of cells, insulin resistance, and increased oxidative damage at the cellular level (Erotokritou-Mulligan et al., 2011). How do you avoid all of these unwanted effects? Stimulate the body’s release of its own growth hormone instead of injecting unnatural levels of exogenous HGH.

Is Sermorelin Worth It?

Where Should You Go To Get Sermorelin?

Like all peptide therapies, it is highly recommended that you visit a certified and reputable wellness clinic to receive sermorelin prescriptions and treatments. Although it is possible to do so, purchasing peptides off of the internet without a prescription is inadvisable at best. There are sources, however, where you can buy sermorelin injections online through online wellness clinic’s. They offer licensed doctors who can consult and prescribe safely.

Gaining muscle and losing body fat will be much easier with the aid of sermorelin and other GHRHs, but a solid training and nutrition protocol will allow for an increased favorable response to the treatment. You will likely be asked if you wish to utilize a GHRP (growth hormone-releasing peptide) with your sermorelin. This is highly recommended, as the two classes of peptides work together via different mechanisms of action to increase the effects of growth hormone release in the body.

Stay tuned for articles detailing the unique benefits of GHRPs and combining the two compounds. Overall, sermorelin can and should be considered as part of a protocol to reduce the unwanted effects of aging. Is sermorelin worth it? To those that want to reverse the effects of aging, absolutely. We may not be able to stop getting older, but we can live better while it happens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sermorelin actually work?

Sermorelin has been shown to be effective in stimulating the body’s natural production of growth hormone, which can lead to various benefits such as improved muscle tone, enhanced energy levels, and better overall well-being.

How quickly does sermorelin work?

The timeline for experiencing the effects of sermorelin can vary from person to person, but some individuals may start to notice improvements within a few weeks to months of starting treatment.

How much weight will I lose on sermorelin?

While sermorelin may contribute to weight loss indirectly by promoting muscle growth and improving metabolism, it’s not typically prescribed solely for weight loss purposes.

Does sermorelin burn belly fat?

Sermorelin can potentially help reduce overall body fat, including belly fat, as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.

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