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Where to Get Sermorelin Online
Published: Dec 15, 2019

Yes, it is absolutely possible to find bargain-priced products marketed with the same name as common peptides online. The name is typically where the commonalities stop, however. Sermorelin, in particular, is a peptide that commonly falls victim to this willing deception, probably because of its popularity among bodybuilders due to its effectiveness as a growth hormone secretagogue. Buying peptides online can be a tricky process if you are going in without a guide. There is no shortage of websites out there looking to take advantage of those seeking the anti-aging benefits that sermorelin can provide. So let’s jump into why you want to avoid purchasing your sermorelin from just any website, and how to buy sermorelin online safely by checking a few key aspects of the company selling them. We will also cover some general information on the peptide itself to make you a more savvy customer overall. If you want to reap the benefits of using sermorelin, you must make sure what you are getting is what it claims to be!

The Good News and Bad News of Buying Sermorelin Online

Let’s start with some bad news – most sites that sell peptides online are illegal. Like modern-day snake oil salesmen, these websites hope that their customers won’t do their homework before entering their credit card information and checking out. Why they can get away with selling these products illegally is likely due to their popularity among bodybuilders, biohackers, and hardcore athletes everywhere. Exogenous growth hormone injections have been illegal in sports and most of society for quite some time, so it makes sense that a peptide like sermorelin that can safely and naturally release your own body’s growth hormone would be incredibly popular among anyone looking for a leg up on their competition. The problem is this popularity has led to a sea of shady peptide dealers lurking all over the internet, selling subpar products that contain little to no actual sermorelin. 

buying sermorelin online

Creating or synthesizing peptides is an incredibly complex process that requires special machines costing between $20,000-250,000 or more (not including the cost to maintain them). In fact, the process of synthesizing peptides is so complex that up until recently, the barrier to producing them has prohibited their wide-scale application in medicine. Luckily, advances have been made in this regard, but the process is still quite difficult due to the highly specific nature of how peptides work within the body.

Peptides are signaling molecules that rely on the precise structure of their constituent amino acids (building blocks of proteins) to function in the body. Get this structure wrong while creating them in the lab and you just have some expensive alphabet soup that either won’t work or will have unknown effects once administered.

Compounding pharmacies that specialize in producing peptides truly are your only reliable source of sermorelin currently because, again, if you purchase your peptides from a non-legitimate company, you simply don’t know what they actually contain. With sermorelin, especially, there is the potential for contamination, intentional or otherwise, with anabolic steroids or conventional human growth hormone (hGH). There are a whole host of reasons you don’t want to be taking hGH when think you are using sermorelin, but they all come down to how growth hormone is naturally released in the body. Normally, growth hormone is released in a pulsatile fashion, with the highest concentration being present in your bloodstream just before bedtime. Using sermorelin allows your body to maintain this natural rhythm. Injecting with hGH however, takes away this ebb and flow. Levels of hGH stay elevated in your blood consistently throughout the day, which over time, leads to a variety of health problems. 

buying sermorelin online through Invigor Medical

So how can you be sure that what you are getting is actually sermorelin? Well, it’s actually pretty easy if you know what you are looking for. Follow these tips, and you can rest assured you will be working with a good company that will guide you through the process and provides you with an effective and safe product. 

#1 Where is the Doctor?

First, make sure that a doctor will be involved in the process. This may seem like it will be a hassle, but with clinics that provide telemedicine services, you can complete the process from start to finish on your smartphone. Sermorelin legally must be prescribed by a doctor, and this part of the process is vital for the safe use of any peptide. If there is no doctor involved, you can bet your bottom dollar you aren’t working with a safe, legitimate source. 

#2 Where is the Pharmacy?

Second, verify the company’s peptides are coming from a licensed U.S. pharmacy. If they are sourcing their peptides overseas, there is no guarantee that you will actually be getting sermorelin. Even if what you get is sermorelin, the quality control standards of most countries are not on par with the United States, which can lead to contamination with heavy metals and other toxins or deliberate cost-cutting practices, which will negate any potential benefits of treatment. 

#3 Is the Business Legit?

Finally, check to make sure they are a legitimate business. This should go for every purchase you make online but especially because you will be providing them with medical information when buying sermorelin. Identify whether they are using protocols to protect your financial information, as well as whether or not they are HIPPA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). All of this information will be available on their website somewhere, so do a little digging. It is worth the extra time to confirm that you are working with a reputable company. Product pricing can also be an indicator of whether you are purchasing from a legitimate company or not. In the case of sermorelin, 9 milliliters (mL), or a month-long protocol should cost around $300. Anything too much lower than that should raise some red flags for you. 

Is Buying Sermorelin Online Worth It?

You may be asking yourself if buying sermorelin online is worth the process, and the answer is yes, it is. As we said before, it can be an incredibly easy and safe process when done through a telemedicine service. Typically, the process will go something like this: First, you select a peptide or protocol you want to get started on. Then you will need to fill out the required medical forms so a physician can safely and effectively approve you to receive the treatment. This is essential to ensure you are eligible for a prescription for sermorelin or whichever peptide you are looking for. After you have been approved, you will be required to speak with a physician. Usually, this can be scheduled by you, the customer, whenever it is most convenient. Last but not least, the prescription will need to be sent to a licensed pharmacy to be filled and sent to you. 

Peptides are an extremely effective solution with an ever-increasing array of uses. As medicine becomes more individualized, peptides like sermorelin are allowing people to take charge of their health. Peptides, in general, have become easily accessible via the internet and telemedicine services, which, as you know, can be a good and bad thing. Overall the responsibility is placed on the consumers to verify that they are working with a reputable and reliable company like Invigor Medical. You absolutely can buy sermorelin online safely and at affordable prices, but your safety and health are up to you to protect.


While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our articles and guides, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.  You should always consult a practicing professional who can diagnose your specific case.  The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. 

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